monthly review – November 2018

Hello again! November is already over and Christmas is coming closer, for me one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Although the last month was quite special, spending my birthday in Milan, Press Days in Munich and a family visit in Northers Spain. It’s time again for a monthly review!

What was going on?

After already having visited Munich for the first round of Press Days, end of October, I went back for the second round at the beginning of November, together with my girl Clarissa. This time we stayed at the Ruby Lilly Hotel, very close to my old home, which was a nice but somehow also strange feeling. Basically, I have to say that I miss my Munich People more than the city itself.
Immediately after coming back from Munich I went to visit my family in northern Spain for a couple of days. Even if I never stayed for more then a couple of weeks in the Spanish province, it is always a little bit like coming home. It’s nice, but sometimes not easy – there are two hearts beating in my chest and yes, with Germany, Spain and Panama I clearly have more than one home.


Favorites of the month

My favorites of the month in November aren’t actually from the fashion section but from the beauty corner. With the current weather it’s no surprise – outside wet-cold and indoors dry and warm – the cold season has just begun and the right skin care is super important, especially for sensitive skin like mine. I have already written a blog post about my skin care routine with La Mer, so here are my beauty favorites for november:

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Brand of the Month 

Scandal about Domenico and Stefano. Dolce & Gabbana is definitely the brand of the month in the worst possible sense.The Italian designer Duo just got the biggest shitstorm in the fashion industry since ages. Trigger? Well, at least Stefano has been said to have racist views for quite some time now. But what happened the last week was just over the top. The largest fashion show in the history of the label was planned, over 300 looks, 140 models in front of nearly 1,400 visitors – in Shanghai, which is actually a good choice given the fact that China will probably be the most important market for luxury goods in the future. However, the event was advertised with three videos that didn’t go down well with the target group – a Chinese woman who tries to eat pizza, pasta and baguette with chopsticks and doesn’t really look good doing so. As if that weren’t enough, screenshots of a chat history of Stefano and a User popped up on Diet Prada in which Stefano, in the usual rough tone, defends the videos and insulted Chinese people. Oops! What followed were boycott calls, Dolce & Gabbana products were burned and some Online Shops cancelled collaborations with D&G.The reaction of Stefano and Domenico? The videos have been deleted and the two designers have publicly apologized and well, they aren’t to blame – the public Instagram channel of Dolce & Gabbana, as well as those of Stefano have been hacked. Sure….

Whats next?

Definitely no fashion show in Shanghai! Jokes aside, because Fashion Weeks are coming closer – I already started planing Berlin Fashion Week – train ticket and hotel is booked and the first dates agreed. Otherwise, I look forward to hopefully quiet and peaceful Christmas, because this time I’m actually quite early with buying Christmas gifts.




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